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We have a variety of seafood imported from various country. Our seafood consists of fish, shellfish, mollusks, squid and octopus products. Our fishes are sold in whole, filleted or marinated with flavor. Types of fish available are cod fish from France, salmon and saba fish from Norway, hamachi from Japan and etc. We have variety of crab items ranging from crab meat lump (for cocktail) to standard crab meat for chinese cuisine. King crab, snow crab, flower crab, soft shell crab, mud crab and stone crab are available either in whole or half cut. Lobster comes in either as a whole, lobster tail or lobster meat only. Crayfish are also available as a whole or meat only. Our prawn types includes black tiger prawn, white shrimp, red legged shrimp and argentina shrimp. Raw or cooked shrimp meat are also available. Our mollusks consist of abalone, clam (white clam, flower clam, bamboo clam and cherrystone clam), oyster meat, mussel, scallop (from Japan, US and Australia). Squid products are ranging from squid whole, squid cut, squid ring or squid flower. Baby squid, baby cuttlefish and baby octopus are also available.

Japanese Food


We have a wide range of Japanese cuisine product ranging from seasoned chuuka baby octopus, cuttlefish, scallop, jellyfish, seaweed and snail meat. Sushi topping like ama ebi, sushi ebi, tako, unagi slice and fish roe is also available. Other items include imitation snow crab leg, narutomaki/kamaboko aka (Japanese fishcake), ajitsuke inari, unagi in whole, nobashi ebi, shishamo, sanma fish and tako. Sushi nori (Seaweed sheets) are available in whole piece, half cut or smaller cut. Japanese curry paste, QP mayonnaise, paitan soup and wasabi powder are also available. We also offer seasoning and cooking item like teriyaki sauce, tonkatsu sauce, yakitori sauce, cooking sake and hon mirin. Noodles item like frozen udon, ramen, cha soba and zao soba are available.

Finger Food


We have variety of finger foods item like breaded prawn, breaded pollack, breaded scallop, breaded crab claw, breaded squid ring, tempura squid tentacles, tako ball, chicken nugget, seaweed chicken and karaage chicken. We also offer easy cooking via oven to heat up items quickly. These item are saba teriyaki, tilapia kabayaki, pacific saury kabayaki, yakitori chicken meat and crab farci. We also offer Dim Sum items like shrimp crouton, spring roll, samosa, shrimp dumpling, harkao and potato shrimp. Steamboat items are available ranging from streaky bacon, pumpkin fish ball, yam fish ball, squid ball, imitation crab stick, cheese tofu and chicken franks.

At Eastern Harvest Foods, we have the widest range of frozen seafood and meat; Japanese and Korean food and relating products; and various popular finger food, etc...